Biometrics (ancient Greek: bios ="life", metron ="measure") is the study of methods for the classification of human beings based upon one or more intrinsic physical or behavioural traits. The main application of the area is the uniquely recognition of humans. A biometric system automatically recognizes people based on this characteristics. It is said that the recognition of one person is by what he/she is, different than in traditional methods which recognize with something the person has (card, key) or remembers (password, PIN).

Fingerprints, retina, iris, facial patterns, hand veins or hand geometry are examples of physical characteristics, while behavioural characteristics include signature, gait and tecleo. Voice is considered a mixture of physical characteristics and behavioural ones. In practise, every biometric characteristic has physical aspects and behavioural ones, because in the measure we always have an interaction between the person and the corresponding sensor.

In the last decade the Image Processing Group has been working on several proyects in the area. Between them we can see Proyecto Aguará about Face Recognition.

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