Telemetry decoder

NOTE: This is an early prototype version of the decoder. Last update: 2014-10-02 15:45 UYT. Change log: reformat EMS table, rewrite of parsing script.

Paste any telemetry line in the field below, and click on the Decode frame button.

Energy management module
Uptime (days)
X cells current
Y cells current
Z cells current
EMS current
CW bcn current
I2C bus current
MCS current
COMM1 current
COMM2 current
ADCS current
Payload current
TXS1 current
TXS2 current
X cells voltage
Y cells voltage
Z cells voltage
Vbatt 1
Vbatt 2
EMS voltage
MCS voltage
COMM1 voltage
COMM2 voltage
ADCS voltage
Payload voltage
TXS1 voltage
TXS2 voltage
EMS temp
MPPT X voltage
MPPT Y voltage
MPPT Z voltage
Ant deployed (0=yes)
System time
Timestamp Last UTCClock drift Uptime (days)
Last tel F Last tel A Last tel O
RSSI Rx Xtal temp Bcn amp temp RX frame cnt
RSSI Rx Xtal temp Amp temp RX frame cnt TX frame cnt

ADCS decoding under development, still contains raw/unprocessed values.

ADCS status
Estimated attitude
Photodiode (mV)
Photodiode (mV)
Magnetometer (µT)
Estimated angle rate (rad/s)
Position (km)
Velocity (km/s)
Sun model
Estimated sun vector
Magnetic model (µT)
ADCS mode
MSP430 temperature

T1 frames are reported by the energy management system, and T2 frames correspond to main control system and the 2 communications boards. T3 frames are reported by the ADCS system.

Try with these frames as an example:


Temperatures are in Celsius, voltages in Volt, currents in milliampere. Frame counters restart at 65535. '*' after timestamp indicates unreliable time for ADCS calculations.

RSSI values are maximums recorded between telemetry transmissions. dBm values are approximate only in the range -125dBm to -65dBm. -125dBm is noise floor at room temperature. -60dBm is maximum value reported.