The search for QoS in data networks : A statistical approach
Pablo Belzarena, María Simon
Lecture Notes on Computer Science, 5233, , Springer, , page 891--920- 2011
Research group(s):  Analisis de Redes, Trafico y Estadisticas de Servi (art)
Department(s):  Telecomunicaciones
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New Internet services like video on-demand, high definition IPTV, high definition video conferences and some real time applications have strong QoS requirements regarding losses, delay, jitter, etc. This work addresses the challenge of guaranteeing quality of service (QoS) in the Internet from a statistical point of view. Three lines of work are proposed. The first one is about the estimation of the QoS parameters from traffic traces (in the context of large deviation theory and effective bandwidth). The second one, address the admission control problem from results of the many sources and small buffer asymptotic. Finally, the third line focuses on the estimation of QoS parameters seen by an application based on end-to-end active measurements and statistical learning tools

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