Automatic Load Shedding calculated with Genetic Algorithms – DAC-CMAG
Michelle Guichon, Magdalena Melo, Ana Carolina Nieto, Mario Vignolo, Nicolás Yedrzejewski
IEEE/PES Transmission and Distribution Conference and Exposition: Latin America, 2012. Renewable Energies in a Developing Continent. Montevideo, Uruguay - 2012
Research Group(s): Redes Eléctricas (gre)
Department(s): Potencia
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This paper presents an optimization tool based on Genetic Algorithms, DAC-CMAG (Automatic Load Shedding Calculated Through Genetic Algorithms), developed in Matlab and applied to the calculation of load shedding in Electric Power Systems. This application calculates the optimal load shed necessary to eliminate overloading of any series element of an electrical network. It includes a module that runs DC load flow to calculate the power flow for each branch or transformer and verifies there are no current violations in any equipment. The results are analyzed using this tool applied to the calculation of optimum load shed required for the worst contingencies in the 500kV power system of Uruguay.

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