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Charla de Christophe Raffalli : “Patoline”

Martes 6 de junio, hora 14:30, Salón de actos, Facultad de Ingeniería-UdelaR

Está de visita en Facultad de Ingeniería y, particularmente, en el IMERL, el profesor Christophe Raffalli, de la Université de Savoie, Francia. Raffalli trabaja fundamentalmente en lógica, pero ha incursionado también en geometría algebraica, informática teórica y es desarrollador de software. En particular es desarrollador de Patoline, un software que tiene aplicación a la didáctica de la matemática.

Patoline es también fácilmente aplicable para la enseñanza de otras disciplinas, como la física o la química, por ejemplo. Raffalli ofrecerá una charla sobre Patoline el martes 6 de junio a las 14:30 horas en el Salón de actos de Facultad de Ingeniería (piso 1 cuerpo central).

Patoline is a typographic system completely independent from LaTeX and written by many authors (principally P.E. Meunier, R. Lepigre, T. Hirschowitz and myself).

One of the most interesting feature of Patoline is its use to write interactive presentations and/or documents. I have used it for four years to teach functional programming, computer graphics (include some element of Geometry) and compilation.

The key feature of Patoline is that the student can interact with the presentation in a web browser, during the course. For instance, each student can animate/rotate the same geometric figure. Moreover, the presentation may contain questions to the students, with more freedom in principle than tools like moodle.

Patoline uses a syntax similar to LaTeX and OCaml to program new macros. For interactive presentation, we are currently giving access to the common feature using only the LaTeX like syntax, which would
make it easy to use. For more complex feature like geometric figure, OCaml syntax seems more suited, as a dedicated syntax requires a complex language to express any figure (like tikz, which is a huge

The talk will present these aspect of Patoline and the presentation will be interactive. So you can come with some wifi device (laptop, tablet or even cellphones).