The Signal Processing Department (DSP) of the IIE, is engaged in teaching, research and extension activities, related to the theory of signal processing and its applications.

Signal processing is a branch of electrical engineering, computer science and applied mathematics, that deals with the acquisition, detection, representation, transformation, and analysis of analog or digital signals.

Our main research areas are: Audio analysis and processing, digital image and video analysis (optical, satellite, biomedical cameras), signal representation: algorithms and applications and statistical data analysis, machine learning, pattern recognition and computer vision.


We participate in several undergraduate and graduate courses of the EE program related to signal processing (audio, images, video), machine learning and its applications.

Graduate Programs

The DPS offers a Master of Science (MSc) and a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) programs in Electrical Engineering, with a profile in data analysis and digital signal processing.


Our department has four research groups in Image Processing, Audio Processing, Biometrics and Information Theory.