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Signal Processing Department (DPS)

The Signal Processing Department  (DPS) of the Electrical Engineering Institute (IIE), is commited to the teaching and research  in those fields related to Signal Processing.  This branch of Electrical Engineering, strongly realted  to computer sciences and applied mathematics, includes problems related to the acquisition, detection, representation, transformation and analysis of analog and digitsl signals. Among these are included:

  • Computer Vision
  • Image, Audio and Video Processing and Analysis
  • Machine Learning, Pattern Recognition, Data Sciences
  • Information Theory
  • Mathematical Foundations of Signal Processing

What follows is a list of the active research lines within the department:

  • Analysis and Automatic Interpretation of Music
  • Enhancement and Restoration of Digital Images
  • Registration, Analysis and Interpretation of Medical Images
  • Compression of Medical Images and Medical Signals in general
  • Biometry
  • Statistical Modeling of Load and Demand Curves in the Uruguayan Power System

Many of these lines are defined by research groups within the DPS. Currently the following groups are active:

For more details on our research topics please visit our research page or check our list of research publications.