Welcome to Instituto de Ingeniería Eléctrica

Electricity is one of the pillars of modern technology.

It is an essential part of practically every device that we use for communications, transportation, diagnostics, entertainment, as well as for manufacturing other devices. It is also the basis of our daily modern comfort and our basic needs, such as lighting, air conditioning, water transportation.

Electrical engineering provides. through a wide range of sub-fields, a methodolofy for designing, building and analyzing the technology which depends on electrical energy as of today. This includes:

  • Power Systems: Generation, transmission, management, storage and conversion of electrical energy. This includes the design of power and or lighting installations, laying out power plants (hidroelectric, solar, eolic), the design of data transmission networks, electrical machinery, or energy storage devices such as batteries.
  • Telecommunications: Generation, transmission, reception of information via electromagnetic and optic means. This includes wireless and wired transmission, the Internet and other data networks, sensor networks.
  • Signal Processing: Analysis, interpretation and synthesis of acquired signals and/or generated via electric means. This includes audio, images (natural, satellite, space, medical), video, microscopy, ultrasound, radar, seismology.
  • Control and Systems: design of industrial plants, robotics, real time control of dynamic systems (from electric networks to space aerospatial vehicles)
  • Electronics: design, construction, analysis, and testing of analog and digital discrete and/or integrated circuits, actuators, transducers.

At  Instituto de Ingeniería Eléctrica  (which translates to Electrical Engineering Institute) we engage in teaching undergraduate and graduate students, research, development and innovation, and extension (that is, sharing our expertise with the rest of the society). Among its 140 plus members there is an important number of full time professors with high academic level.