The aim of the symposium is to provide a high quality exchange of ideas between scientists and students of both neurobiology and engineering in order to strength research in both fields.

The general idea is to compare how brains and machines process images including strategies, circuits, different operator's characteristics (their roles and their implementations by different hardware), learning rules and their applications in dynamic image filtering. In addition, to discuss how brains and machines reconstruct their enviroment and why they do it (movement control, creating new images, or describing it in some kind of language, decision making, controlling behavior, etc).

The symposium pretends to be very open thematic to gather people from neurobiology and engineering building a suitable environment of interaction. While most conferences will be held in the morning, other activities involving more interaction and dialogue between participants will be held during the rest of the day.



When and Where?

The symposium has been held in Montevideo, Uruguay from 8th to 12th of November 2004.


Invited speakers and a brief presentation

Follow the links to read a brief summary of the main interests of the invited speakers and the titles of their talks.



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"Representation of reality by brain and machines;
crossed views from neurosciences and computer vision."
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