Industrial projects:

*  The main industrial project was the design of a custom chip for implantable cardiac pacemakers, under contract with an Uruguayan pacemaker manufacturer (CCC del Uruguay SA).

*  Design of signal processing block for implantable device for a Canadian biomedical company.

Research projects:

*  Analog modules: reuse, IP, optimization and automatic synthesis.

*  Analog signal processing module for biomedical research.

*  Cardiac pacemaker application specific integrated circuit.

*  Design of ultra-low-power signal conditioning integrated circuits for sensors.

*  Precision polarimeter based on Faraday effect.

*  Research Group Programme on Design of Low Power ICs and Systems supported by CSIC, Universidad de la República (2011-2015).

Brief overview of some research projects:

A complete list of the research project conducted by the Microelectronics Group is available in spanish here.


Title: Design and Measurement of Radio Frequency Circuits for Ultra Low Power Short Range Links.

Date: 2009-2011.

Funding: Fondo Clemente Estable (FCE-ANII).

Abstract: The Microelectronics Group of Instituto de Ingenería Eléctrica has been working in the development of a design methodology for low power radio frequency integrated circuits. This methodology is based on exploiting the operation of the MOS transistor in the moderate inversion region, which is viable at higher frequencies as channel length is scaled. This project, by supporting the purchase of a vector network analyzer, allows to refine and validate the techniques being developped by, among others, allowing to quantify and separate the impedance adaptation effects of external components, printed circuit board, packaging and integrated circuit, as well as to fully characterize the modules in frequency. This will improve the available capacity in the country for performing radio frequency design and measurement as well as to complete the validation of the proposed methodology.




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