Microelectronics Group

The Microelectronics Group is part of the Electronics Department, at Instituto de Ingeniería Eléctrica.

Our main research area is the design of application specific integrated circuits (ASICs) on CMOS technology. The focus of the group lays on designing full custom analog and mixed signal circuits for low voltage and ultra-low-power applications. R&D activities are also performed in wireless sensor networks design and application.

Along with research and development activities, design and consulting services are offered on an international basis.

The group started its activities in 1991. Together with R&D activities we teach undergraduate and graduate courses on IC design, and we tutor engineering graduation projects, master and PhD thesis in the area.

In 2009, the Microelectronics group was recognized by the Lolita Rubial Foundation with the Morosoli Institutional Award.

Keywords: ASIC, VLSI, Micropower, Ultra-Low-Power, Analog CMOS, Low Voltage, Biomedical Circuits, Pacemakers, Sensors, Wireless sensor networks.

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