About me

My name is Ignacio Francisco Ramirez Paulino.

I received my Electrical Engineer degree my and Masters degree in EE 2007 from the Universidad de la Republica (UdelaR), and my Ph.D. in Scientific Computation from the University of Minnesota in 2012, under the advisory of Prof. Guillermo Sapiro (now at Duke Univesrsity.)

I am a Degree 3 researcher both in the Mathematics and the Computer Science Programs for Development of the Basic Sciences (PEDECIBA).

I am interested in the application of information theory and optimization theory to the modeling, analysis, processing and interpretation of signals (in particular, images: natural, medical, astronomical, satellital) as well as other types of data such as, but not limited to, genomics.

I am also working in the development of new methods for Optimal Decision problems involving the Bellman equation. In particular, I’ve been working as a researcher for the improvement of the SimSEE platform, a tool for optimal dispatching of electrical energy developed and currently in use in the Uruguayan Electrical System.

Contact information

nacho at fing dot edu dot uy
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