Technical and commercial issues of embedded generation. Cases of study : Argentina and Chile
Mario Vignolo
Master thesis from University of Manchester - Sep. 2000
Advisor: Goran Strbac
Co-advisor: Goran Strbac
Research Group(s): Mercados El├ęctricos (MENTS)
Department(s): Potencia
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In this work a review over the technical and commercial issues of embedded generation in the new Electricity Supply Industry is done. Some of the problems that the present arrangements have in recognising the real value of embedded generation are analysed and some alternatives presented, based on previous works in this area. The particular cases of Argentina and Chile are studied. A description of the regulatory frameworks of both countries is done and a critical analysis of that frameworks with respect to embedded generation is presented. In addition, a study of the present degree of penetration of embedded generation in the Argentine and Chilean networks is presented.

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