Optimum selective active filtering for four-wire loads : Dimming of high pressure Na HID lamps
Gonzalo Casaravilla, Gabriel Barbat, José Inda, Fernando Chiaramello
Congresso Brasileiro de Eletrónica de Potência (9 : 2007 : Blumenau, SC) COBEP 2007 - Sep. 2007
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abstract Abstract : This paper presents an extension of the methodology to calculate the referential currents of a Shunt Active Filter in order to selectively lter harmonic sequences including homopolar ones. In the same direction, the optimum calculating method to determinate the active lter of minimum size associated to the fulllment of some harmonic regulation, is extended to the selective homopolar ltering case. To illustrate both extents of the theory, an application where High-Pressure Sodium HID Lamps for public lighting are dimmed using thyristors is analyzed.

Keywords : Active Filtering, Four-Wire V SI, Power Quality, Selective, Dimming Na - HID.

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