Implementación en un DSP del control de un filtro activo de corrientes armónicas
Gonzalo Casaravilla, Gabriel Barbat, Andrés Silveyra, Gabriel Valiente
Congresso Brasileiro de Automática, 17. Juiz de Fora, MG, Brasil, page 1--6 - 2008
Research Group(s): Electronica de Potencia (gep)
Department(s): (unspecified)
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Abstract Abstract
This paper summarizes the design and implementation using a DSP of the control circuit of a three-wire shunt
active selective filter. By controlling a VSI, it was possible to selectively generate the harmonics consumed by
a non-linear load connected to the power ne t. The objective of this is to decrease the harmonic content in order
to fulfill regulations, mantaining the filter current as low as possible.
Keywords : Active Filter, Harmonics, DSP

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