An efficient multi-resolution spectral transform for music analysis
Pablo Cancela, Martín Rocamora, Ernesto López
International Society for Music Information Retrieval Conference, 10th. ISMIR 2009. Kobe, Japan, page 309--314- 26-30 oct. 2009
Research group(s):  Procesamiento de Audio (gpa)
Department(s):  Procesamiento de Señales
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In this paper we focus on multi-resolution spectral analysis algorithms for music signals based on the FFT. Two previously devised efficient algorithms (efficient constant-Q transform [1] and multiresolution FFT [2]) are reviewed and compared with a new proposal based on the IIR filtering of the FFT. Apart from its simplicity, the proposed method shows to be a good compromise between design flexibility and reduced computational effort. Additionally, it was used as a part of an effective melody extraction algorithm.


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