Statistical analysis of network traffic for anomaly detection and quality of service provisioning
Pedro Casas
PhD thesis from Telecom Bretagne - 2010
Advisor: Gerardo Rubino
Co-advisor: Sandrine Vaton
Research Group(s): Analisis de Redes, Trafico y Estadisticas de Servi (art)
Department(s): Telecomunicaciones
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Network-wide traffic analysis and monitoring in large-scale networks is a challenging and expensive task. In this thesis work we have proposed to analyze the traffic of a large-scale IP network from aggregated traffic measurements, reducing measurement overheads and simplifying implementation issues. We have provided contributions in three different networking fields related to network-wide traffic analysis and monitoring in large-scale IP networks. The first contribution regards Traffic Matrix (TM) modeling and estimation, where we have proposed new statistical models and new estimation methods to analyze the Origin-Destination (OD) flows of a large-scale TM from easily available link traffic measurements. The second contribution regards the detection and localization of volume anomalies in the TM, where we have introduced novel methods with solid optimality properties that outperform current well-known techniques for network-wide anomaly detection proposed so far in the literature. The last contribution regards the optimization of the routing configuration in large-scale IP networks, particularly when the traffic is highly variable and difficult to predict. Using the notions of Robust Routing Optimization we have proposed new approaches for Quality of Service provisioning under highly variable and uncertain traffic scenarios. In order to provide strong evidence on the relevance of our contributions, all the methods proposed in this thesis work were validated using real traffic data from different operational networks. Additionally, their performance was compared against well-known works in each field, showing outperforming results in most cases. Taking together the ensemble of developed TM models, the optimal network-wide anomaly detection and localization methods, and the routing optimization algorithms, this thesis work offers a complete solution for network operators to efficiently monitor large-scale IP networks from aggregated traffic measurements and to provide accurate QoS-based performance, even in the event of volume traffic anomalies

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