On some dynamic properties of electrical power systems : Sobre algunas propiedades dinámicas de los sistemas eléctricos de potencia
Alvaro Giusto
PhD thesis from Universidad de la República, Facultad de Ingeniería - Aug. 2010
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This thesis treats some dynamic properties of power system models. An extension of the classical concept of dissipativity is formulated to deal with these systems described by differential-algebraic equations on phasor variables. A class of models of these systemsthe same that is known to admit an energy functionis shown to be dissipative in the sense mentioned above, to later be extended to include realistic models of synchronous machines and other devices. The small signal models are shown to satisfy a convex constraint in the frequency domain that is later articulated with Integral Quadratic Constraints, a well-known stability analysis tool. Specific features of realistic power system models, as the effect of voltage regulation and damping injection, are precisely captured and incorporated into the analysis. It is shown that a trade-off between the mentioned control actions and the voltage sensitivity is a sufficient condition to establish the robustness of the electromechanical modes. This result and others mentioned above are validated through several examples.

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