Including the effects of video content in the ITU-T G.1070 video quality function
José Joskowicz, José Carlos López Ardao, Rafael Sotelo
Cadernos de Informática (CITA 2011, VI Congreso Ibero-americano de Telemática, Gramado, Brasil, 16-18 Mayo 2011), Volume 6, Number 1- 2011
Research group(s):  (unspecified)
Department(s):  Telecomunicaciones
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In this paper we present an enhancement to the video quality estimation model described in ITU-T Recommendation G.1070 Opinion model for video-telephony applications, including the effect of video content in the G.1070 video quality function. This enhancement provides a much better approximation of the model results with respect to the perceptual MOS values. SAD (Sum of Absolute Differences) is used as an estimation of the video spatial-temporal activity. The results are based on more than 1500 processed video clips, coded in MPEG-2 and H.264/AVC, in bit rate ranges from 50 kb/s to 12 Mb/s, in SD, VGA, CIF and QCIF display formats

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