Comparison of parametric models for video quality estimation : Towards a general model
José Joskowicz, Rafael Sotelo, José Carlos López Ardao
IEEE International Symposium on Broadband Multimedia Systems and Broadcasting (BMSB), 2012 , page 1--7- 2012
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Department(s):  Telecomunicaciones
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This paper presents a review of parametric models for video quality estimation published by ten different authors in the last years. Each model is briefly described, and the relevant parametric formulas are presented. The performance of each model is evaluated and contrasted to the other models, using a common video clips set, in different coding and transmission scenarios, including different bit rates, frame rates and percentage of packet losses. The strengths and weaknesses of each model are remarked. Finally, some suggestions towards the development of a “general” parametric model for video quality estimation are presented.

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