Modelado y control de la máquina sincrónica de reluctancia. Aplicación en un aerogenerador.
Pablo Senatore
Master thesis from Universidad de la Repúbica. Facultad de Ingeniería. IIE - 2013
Advisor: Alvaro Giusto
Co-advisor: César Briozzo
Research Group(s): No asociado a un grupo (---)
Department(s): (unspecified)
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This document focuses on the reluctance synchronous machine and its application in a wind generator. The machine under study is modeled in detail and then it is proposed an original control system, called Double Slide Control, capable of controlling the machine precisely. This control system's main feature is to successfully control a machine with uncertainty in its parameters. The machine together with control system are successfully implemented for a variable speed wind generator. Finally there are proposed some optimizations to the system in order to improve its performance. The whole study is supported with simulations in MatLab. At the end of the document there are series of appendices which have a full description of the main elements that involves a wind generator.

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