Evaluation of a face recognition system performances variation on a citizen passports database
Gabriel Lema, Luis Di Martino, Sebastián Berchesi, Alicia Fernández, Federico Lecumberry, Javier Preciozzi
Computing Conference (CLEI), 2014 XL Latin American, page 1--6 - Sep. 2014
Research Group(s): Tratamiento de Imagenes (gti)
Department(s): Procesamiento de Señales
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Face recognition systems (FRS) have been widely studied and the performances reported are very high in the standard databases used for comparison. In this work we present a FRS that achieves state of the art results in these databases and show its performance's variation when tested in a field trial using a citizen identification database. To accomplish this, a set of experiments are proposed. These include increasing the size of the database, using subsets that include a time difference of one to ten years between the query samples and those enrolled in the system and finally using different subsets of the same database. Discussion on these experiments and conclusions are presented.

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