Non Technical Loses Detection - Experts Labels vs. Inspection Labels in the Learning Stage
Fernanda Rodríguez, Federico Lecumberry, Alicia Fernández
ICPRAM 2014 - International Conference on Pattern Recognition Applications and Methods, page 624--628 - 2014
Research Group(s): Tratamiento de Imagenes (gti)
Department(s): Procesamiento de Señales
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Non-technical losses detection is a complex task, with high economic impact. The diversity and big number of consumption records, makes it very important to find an efficient automatic method for detection the largest number of frauds with the least amount of experts¡¦ hours involved in preprocessing and inspections. This article analyzes the performance of a strategy based on learning from expert labeling: suspect/no-suspect, with one using inspection labels: fraud/no-fraud. Results show that the proposed framework, suitable for imbalance problems, improves performance in terms of the Fmeasure with inspection labels, avoiding hours of experts labeling.

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