One-shot three-dimensional scene analysis
Matías Di Martino
PhD thesis from Universidad de la República(Uruguay). Facultad de Ingeniería. IIE - May. 2015
Advisor: José A. Ferrari
Co-advisor: Alicia Fernández
Research Group(s): (unspecified)
Department(s): Procesamiento de Señales
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This thesis studies the problem of extracting three-dimensional information of a scene by means of projecting structured light over it. Instead of measuring the depth of the scene as most techniques do, we propose a novel and ecient approach to estimate depth's gradient map. This information is extremely useful if we want to recognize or automatically understand what we are looking at. For example we will show how gradient information obtained with the proposed technique can be used for face recognition. We also study the problem of how to integrate a retrieved gradient eld; these techniques combined with the proposed projection approach allows us to estimate the height map of a scene. The main diculty of dealing with empirically obtained gradient elds is that they are not-integrable (i.e. they are not irrotational elds); hence we must use robust techniques that overcome this issue. In addition, to considered; we will show that these approaches can integrate gradient elds of dynamic scenes exploiting the data's temporal correlations to regularize the space of solutions.

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