Wearable EEG via lossless compression
Guillermo Dufort, Federico Favaro, Federico Lecumberry, Alvaro Martín Menoni, Juan Pablo Oliver, Julián Oreggioni, Ignacio Ramírez Paulino, Gadiel Seroussi, Leonardo Steinfeld
2016 IEEE 38th Annual International Conference of the Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBC), Orlando, Florida, USA, 16-20 aug, page 1995-1998- 2016
Research group(s):  Electronica Aplicada (gea), Microelectronica (gme), Tratamiento de Imagenes (gti)
Department(s):  Electrónica, Procesamiento de Señales
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This work presents a wearable multi-channel EEG recording system featuring a lossless compression algorithm. The algorithm, based in a previously reported algorithm by the authors, exploits the existing temporal correlation between samples at different sampling times, and the spatial correlation between different electrodes across the scalp. The low-power platform is able to compress, by a factor between 2.3 and 3.6, up to 300sps from 64 channels with a power consumption of 176μW/ch. The performance of the algorithm compares favorably with the best compression rates reported up to date in the literature.

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