Variability of the generation and reliability of the electrical system
Eliana Cornalino, Ruben Chaer
7th Latin America Energy Economics Meeting, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 10-12 mar, page xx--xx - 2019
Research Group(s): Mercados El├ęctricos (MENTS), Energias Renovables (ger)
Department(s): Potencia
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In the last decade, the important advance of "new renewables" in the global electricity mix has begun to introduce new challenges for the operation of those systems where the levels of penetration of these non-manageable variable energy sources exceed certain limits. From ADME as operators of the system, it is required to have certainty that the expected expansion based on wind and solar energy allows us to continue with a safe operation and that the energy be delivered with the appropriate reliability. Faced with this, the question that arises is whether the use of the simplified long-term planning tools remains valid in a context of high level of variability, or whether it will be necessary to incorporate new parameters in the optimization that more accurately represent the complexities in terms of the short-term operation of the system. Based on the results obtained, it can be affirmed that the Uruguayan system could maintain the reliability of supply at levels similar to the current ones, even in a horizon such as the year 2030, with an expected of 65% of supplies based on variable renewable energies. On the other hand, to maintain this reliability in the hypothesis of a fully decarbonised future system, the possible alternatives and their costs will be analyzed in greater detail.

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