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Juan Pablo Garella, Matias Tailanian, Gabriel Lema, Germán Fernández Flores, Javier Regusci, Mónica Almansa, Pedro Mastrángelo, Pablo Musé
I International Conference on Agro BigData and Decision Support Systems in Agriculture, (BigDSSAgro 2017), Montevideo, Uruguay, 27-29 sep - 2017
Matias Tailanian, Enrique Castiglioni, Pablo Musé, Germán Fernández Flores, Gabriel Lema, Pedro Mastrángelo, Mónica Almansa, Ignacio Fernández Liñares, Germán Fernández Liñares
Proceedings SPIE 9637, Remote Sensing for Agriculture, Ecosystems, and Hydrology XVII, Toulouse, France, - 2015

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